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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's in a Name?

Just a random thought: when my lovely wife became pregnant with our first child, we started talking, of course, baby names. She had a big list of possibilities. I only wanted one: I wanted the kid to be named “ə.”

That way, when the kid started school, and the teacher looked at our kid and said, “How do you pronounce that?” I could teach our kid to put his/her hands on his/her arms, look vaguely disgusted, and say, “Like it sounds.* Duh.”

I lost this argument.

*For people totally lost at this point, google the word “schwa.”


conner posse said...

You're hilarious....you remind me of my husband with all the funny, weird random stuff floating around in his head.

Michaelbrent said...

Thanks for the kind words, conner! Your husband sounds like quite a catch... and probably very hunky, too!

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